Operating Suggestions

The Shake'n Rake is similar in appearance to a conventional screened rake,  However, since it is powered it must be operated so that the sand can be sifted. This requires that the screen be only partially loaded so that there is room for the sand to move while the debris is being separated.

Unfortunately new users often mistakenly fill the basket (like a shovel) and then hold the rake up while running the motor at full speed. Unless the sand is totally dry, this results is an overloaded condition which causes the hand pole, rather than the screen to shake. This method is not recommended because slow sifting, shortened battery life and user fatigue will occur.

Following the suggestions below will greatly improve the performance and lead to faster cleaning with far less effort.  

Shake'n Rakes efficiently clean beach and bunker sand

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Use 1/4 inch screen for dry sand.
Use 3/8 screen for damp sand.

  • To sift sand effectively fill only the front 1/3 of the basket.  This is the only part of the basket that sifts.
  • Once the front 1/3 of rake is shaking, the sand will fall through and as it shakes the debris will move backwards on the screen and be captured.
  • Don't manually bump the sand back before depressing the trigger.
  • Operate the rake only when it is off of the ground. When it is on the ground the screen is clogged.
  • Do not push into sand when running, this greatly decreases battery life.
  • Keep the rake flat, the debris will automatically move backwards to the belly.
  • Use the slowest shaking speed that will sift effectively.

As operators, your input on techniques to maximize operator efficiency is greatly appreciated.  Please contact us with your comments!